Sunday, July 1, 2012

Get: I unexplainable hives (urticaria) have been for 6 weeks now?

hives hives, you must maintain an eye on: issue of Feel Stone : I have unexplained hives (urticaria) for 6 weeks now They come and go all the time and I can not the only element that caused to feel. Perhaps they are not even hives, but they fit with the typical description of them, anyway. I've in no way had a skin disease in the past. Could this be a sign of something serious? BTW over the counter creams and drugs (eg anti-hystamines) appear to have tiny or no effect on them have Very best

Urticaria or Hives Treatment

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  1. The Major cause of the hives is the body's reaction to an external or internal irritant. The internal irritant is usually the chemical agents present in the food that we consume and the external irritants can be certain chemicals that comes in contact with the skin.