Monday, May 7, 2012

Life-threatening angioedema, no cure? Please help, will not die.?

the causes of angioedema causes of hives: concern of : life-threatening angioedema, a remedy? Please aid, will not die.? The question my friend .. Man (29yrs, 96.3 kg, five '0 .11 'ht) diagnosed with acute angioedema Urtikaria.Voll in September 2010, the 1st attacks had been extremely frequently, doc place me on a steroid for a week, then according to Allegra 180mg amoxicillin Bedarf.Allergische drugs - ampicillin - cloxacillin - PARACETAMOLAllergische Food Prods milk - Ajinomoto - Beans -

Urticaria or Hives Treatment

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