Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My child has hives (urticaria)! HELP!?

Some hives hives current evaluation of Tip: question on Valentine's Day : My child has hives (urticaria)! Aid!? My four years, has been around chlorinated pools prior to the show, but yesterday it broke out in enormous hives after swimming for about 25 minutes. The hives have disappeared that night, but I wonder if it is normal for hives, happen a day later? Please help Best answer : response of dlmissinglink you have to swim for him a bath following he removed the chlorine from your

Urticaria or Hives Treatment

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  1. Actually Hives medically called urticaria is a skin allergy which appears as red or pale welts on skin.It may cause some itching. If your child is suffering from this most of the times then you should consult your dermatologist and check that which thing is allergic for him and take a hives treatment for that.