Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What is the best acne treatment out there that is suited for me?

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Question by Lilly B: What is the finest acne therapy out there that is suited for me?
I have moderate acne and a couple of acne scars on my face, chest, back, and shoulders. I am in serious need of the very best acne treatment out there. Please help!
I was thinking of using Clearpores for my issue. Can I also have your opinions on it, also? Thanks.

Finest answer:
Answer by nicnikkizIts hormones, perhaps you ought to go to your doc. or dermatologist

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  1. For most people cutting out hot bath's, chocolate, fried food and exfoliating at night time will clear their spots. Of course there will be people out there who will say I take hot bath's, eat chocolate and fried foods but I don't get spots. Well that's great for them but if you are anything like me even the smallest amount of chocolate will cause acne.
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  2. In my opinion, the laser skin resurfacing is the best acne treatment Toronto. The procedure is very safe and effective when it is performed by a skilled and experienced doctor. You'll surely be very pleased with the results!