Saturday, December 17, 2011

Is it possible to be allergic to a dog?

Dog Hives treatment of the causes of hives: issue of Black Cat : Is it possible to be allergic to a dog I have a friend who has two Dobermans, a male and a female. for some reason, when I break the male in hives i pet. I've never been allergic to dogs, especially not short-haired dogs. I know the owner so that I asked if he and chemicals (such as flea killer is and what is not) and the two dogs given the same treatment at the same time. What the hell am I allergic to his testosterone

Rememdy for Hives ...

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  1. It certainly is. You might even have had the dog for many years and just suddenly become allergic to the poor fella. That's just how screwed up our immune system is. It can just change its list of "allergens" on the fly. I've found a way to tame the immune system. If you're interested in my story please head over to